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Carpet Cleaning in Durham & Raleigh North Carolina

Does your carpet still look dirty even after you vacuum? Have you tried countless spot removers to get stains out? Do you worry about how healthy your home is with a carpet that’s old and full of allergens and pollutants? Are you answering yes to any of these? Our carpet cleaning company can help you solve these problems. With our professional carpet cleaning service. ProGreen’s deep clean will remove the stains, suck up the smells, and thoroughly sanitize your carpet.

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Why Call in the Professionals?

When you’re ready to clean your carpets, you can choose two options. 1) Hire a professional carpet cleaning company. 2) Rent a machine from the home improvement store. While a DIY project may seem cheaper and easier, having your carpets professionally cleaned offers the following benefits:

Get Rid of Tough Stains

The professionals at ProGreen Carpet Cleaning and Repair know how to tackle the toughest stains. Everything from red wine to removing pet stains. Our equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agent penetrates deep into the fibers of your carpet, rug, and also fabric upholstery of home furnishings. Our promise is to extract stains, dirt, and allergens that a rented machine just can’t.

Taking Care of Your Fabrics

If you’re cleaning your own carpets with a rented machine, you may accidentally damage them. Some materials need more gentle cleaning agents and do better with spot treatment to avoid wearing down the fibers. Also, you may inadvertently run over a spot of carpeting that is worn or unraveling. This can cause serious damage to the area. Leaving you to need carpet repair service.

Working with a professional from ProGreen means you’ve got someone who knows how to work with all types of materials in all types of conditions. In other words, our experienced team knows exactly how to approach your unique carpet. We take special care to avoid damaging your carpeting while restoring it to a fresh, clean looking and sanitized condition. And when we are finished, we make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with the result.

Live Healthier

For a clean, healthy home, it’s important to have the carpet cleaned by a pro because they can go beyond removing stains and dirt. Carpet fibers can harbor dangerous allergens, pollutants, and mold which can trigger breathing problems and allergies. A rented machine gets the water hot, but not hot enough to kill germs, while the built-in vacuum used to extract water, detergent, and stains isn’t powerful enough to pull all the water back out of the carpet. This leaves detergent residue and water in your carpet where it attracts more dirt and stains and can lead to mold growth.

Our professional carpet cleaners follow CDC guidelines to sanitize using liquid steam that’s heated to 240°F and uses equipment that can “steam clean” the carpet, effectively removing allergens while sanitizing the carpet of any bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Save Time and Stress

Instead of having to go to the trouble of renting a machine, getting it home, and doing the work yourself, you can leave it to the pros! They’ll take care of the work and stress while leaving your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh.

Why Choose ProGreen?

At ProGreen, we believe in providing every customer with a clean, healthy home with beautifully renewed carpeting. Our team is made up of experienced carpet cleaning techs who are dedicated to getting the job done right and providing the best service possible. That’s why all our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Not only do we want to help you make your home clean, we want you to be safe, too. Our cleaning solutions are not just effective, we are proud to provide eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Our dedication to service, attention to detail, and commitment to environmental responsibility are what make us the #1 carpet cleaners in Durham NC!

In order to get consistently excellent results for our customers, all of our techs follow the ProGreen Carpet 8-Step Carpet Steam Cleaning Process.

In brief, this entails:

  1. In-depth inspection
  2. Equipment Setup
  3. Pretreat Carpet w/ Eco Friendly Cleaning Agent
  4. Agitate Carpeting
  5. 240°F Hot Water Extract
  6. Apply Carpet Protection (optional)
  7. Groom Carpet to Lift Fibers (optional)
  8. ProGreen + Customer Inspect Together to Ensure the Customer is 100% Happy w/ Results

8 Step Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

ProGreen is a Locally Owned & Operated Carpet Cleaning Company. We Serve Customers In & Around Raleigh & Durham NC

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing quality work all the time. With customer service as our number one priority, you can feel confident that we won’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Additionally, we do not consider the job done until you’re 100 percent satisfied. For a free estimate, fill out our contact form below or call us at 919-332-3039!

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