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Skip Carpet Repairs: Instead Protect Your Carpets From Damage

Damaged carpet not only makes your home look shabby, but it can also become a hazard. Waves or ripples on the floor can be a tripping hazard, as can tears and holes. Fortunately, professionals like the ones at ProGreen who provide carpet repairs in Durham can help with these issues,…
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Raleigh Carpet Repair: Winter Weather & Your Carpet

Winter Weather and Your Carpet Raleigh Carpet Repair – Despite the fact that winter brings cold and potentially snowy weather, there’s a lot going on this time of year. There are several holidays that make it possible to spend time with family and friends. And of course, with winter weather…
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Carpet Stretching 13

Carpet Cleaning and Stretching: Two Peas In A Pod

When it comes to your carpet, you want to do what you can to keep it looking amazing for as long as possible. It’s not cheap to get your carpeting replaced, but it can be cost-effective to have a  carpet cleaner in Raleigh come in and make your carpet look…
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