Do You Need Carpet Stretching and Repair?

Having carpeting in your home adds comfort and luxury that is hard to beat. Whether you have it throughout your entire house or in certain areas, at some point in time, you may find that you need to have carpet stretching or carpet repair. Repair and stretching for your carpet…
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11 Tips To Maintain Your Professionally Cleaned Carpet

A professionally cleaned carpet will have had the majority of the unwelcome, built up debris that has collected in it removed. To learn how to keep it looking great, our carpet cleaners in Durham are sharing tips to help maintain your freshly cleaned carpet.  TIP #1  Be Careful When Walking…
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Is Your Upholstery Dirty?

Flawless upholstery can contribute to a living space that’s enticing and bright. Soiled upholstery, on the other hand, is a whole other story. It doesn’t matter if you long for pristine couches, armchairs, or anything else. You need to make a point to keep your furniture pieces as clean and…
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Professional Carpet Stretching Gives New Life to Your Room

Professional carpet stretching is one of many home maintenance services available in the Durham area of North Carolina. You will see an obvious difference in appearance once your carpet is stretched and cleaned. Stretching removes wrinkles and lumps in your carpet and lets its beauty reveal itself once again. Brand…
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Some Carpet Chemicals Are Unsafe for People and Pets

  North Carolina features wonderful neighborhoods, major urban centers, and important universities. Also, the Raleigh and Durham areas have some of the best healthcare in the United States. However, residents often don’t consider the dangers that lurk in Durham’s beautiful homes. Also, keeping your carpet clean is important for your…
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