Carpet clening raleigh

How Clean is Your Carpet?

How Clean is Your Carpet? Are you thinking about skipping carpet cleaning this year, well think again? Your carpet can hold up to four times its weight in dirt. Carpets catch all sorts of dust and debris. They become embedded with insect feces, bacteria, mold, skin cells, and even pet…
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Cat Urine Pet Stain and odor removal in Raleigh NC

Stain Removal Tips For Your Carpets

Here we have compiled some of the most common stain removal tips to help any homeowner. Carpet is one thing that many homes just cannot live without. Even if you take your shoes off at the door, and insist on food and drinks remaining in the kitchen, it is inevitable…
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Save Time and Money with Professional Cleaning

Save Time and Money with ProGreen. You should have a building’s wall-to-wall carpets cleaned occasionally in order to help the fibers last longer. When there is debris on the surface of carpets. It begins to trickle down to the bottom of the fibers along with the underlying matting. Shampooing carpets…
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Carpet Cleaning Can Help Asthma

How Cleaning Can Help Asthma and Other Respiratory Conditions

Asthma and Other Respiratory Conditions Most people think of the indoors as a place that is safe from allergens. Also safe from bacteria and the other dangers that merely float freely outside. This is one reason why Americans spend an estimated 90 percent of the time indoors. What they fail…
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