Pet Stain Reamoval in Raleigh

Worst Things To Spill On Your Carpet

Anything that spills on your carpet can potentially ruin it. However, some things can cause worse stains than others. Our carpet cleaners in Durham are listing some of the worst things that you can spill on your carpet and what you can do about them. Blood Even if you are…
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Air Quality Carpet Repairs

How To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

There’s so much in the news about the air quality that we breathe every day, it can be a little scary. Between greenhouse gasses, manufacturing emissions, and Mother Nature contributions, there’s a lot of yucky stuff out there in the air. While you can’t directly control what’s in the air…
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Liability Issues associated Dirty Carpets

Do you have a difficult time keeping dirty carpets¬†clean in either your business or home? Or other places you might own or be responsible for where people might congregate? Then chances are you are aware that appearance is everything when it comes to your carpets. You know that you have…
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Signs That You May Have Carpet Mold

Spills, wet shoes, humidity – all of this moisture gets trapped deep within your carpet fibers. This turns your carpet into a breeding ground for mold spores, and needs to be remedied as soon as possible due to how quickly carpet mold can spread and how dangerous it can be…
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concrete clearning

How To Keep Your Carpets Clean Longer

Your carpet makes a major difference in your home. Even if you clean the entire home, it will not look clean if the carpet is dirty. However, if your carpets look and smell good, then the rest of your home will look and smell good. Regular cleaning is one of…
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